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一、听力 (共20小题; 每小题1分,计20分)
2022-2023 学年江苏省扬州市邗江区八年级上学期期中英语试题 及答案 (满分 140 分,考试时间 110 分钟) 第 I 卷 选择题 (80 分) 一、听力(共20小题;每小题1分,满分20分) 第一部分听对话,回答问题。 本部分共有10道小题,每小题你将听到一段对话,每段对话听两遍,在听每段对话前,你将 有3秒钟的时间阅读题目;听完后,你还有3秒钟的时间选出你认为最合适的备选答案。 ( )1. How will the girl go to Jiangnan University? A. B. C. ( )2. Which sport does the girl like best? A. B. C. ( )3. What is the date today? A. B. ( )4. Which is Tom’s favourite character? A. B. C. C. )5. What does the woman mean? A. The exam will be easy for her. B. The exam isn’t important for her. C. She hasn’t prepared for the exam yet. )6. Why hasn’t Li Ping been to Shanghai Disneyland? A. Because it’s too far. B. Because it costs too much. C. Because there are too many people. )7. Which season is the best time to visit Chinese gardens in Yangzhou? A. Spring. )8. How’s Jim? A. He’s OK. )9. When will the supermarket close? A. At 5:00. B. At 5:15. B. He’s ill. C. At 4:45. B. Summer. C. Autumn. C. He’s returned home. ( ( ( ( ( 学科 网(北 京)股 份有限 公司
( )10. What hasn’t Julia got for her hiking? A. Food. B. A map. 第二部分听对话和短文答题。 你将听到一段对话和两篇短文,各听两遍。 听一段对话回答 11-12 小题 )11. Where are they going to spend their holidays? A. The USA. )12. Who are the two speakers? A. A mother and a son. B. A father and a daughter. B. Canada. C. A mobile phone. C. Australia. C. A brother and a sister. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 听第一篇短文,回答 13-15 小题。 Watching TV Time Many children watch TV___13___. Good points Watching TV helps to open children’s eyes Children can learn___14___ and better ways to do things. Bad points Watching TV is bad for eyes. Children don’t have enough time for the___15___. )13. A. On weekdays )14. A. popular )15. A. meals B. at weekends B. more B. lessons 听第二篇短文,回答 16-20 小题 )16. Who did David go on the trip with? A. His friend. B. His cousin. )17. What is the weather like in autumn in England? A. Quite fine. )18 Where is the small hotel they stayed in? A. In the east of London. B. Not so good. C. every night C. new C. sports C. His parent. C. We don’t know. B. In the south of London. C. In the west of London. )19. Why does David like the plays in England most? A. Because there aren’t such good plays at home. B. Because the plays are free there. C. Because he didn’t see a play before. )20. What does David think of the trip to London? A. There are too many visitors so he won’t go there again. B. He liked the food so he will go there again. C. He enjoyed the holiday so he will go there again. 二、单项选择(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,计 15 分) ( now. )21. The song Lonely Warrior(孤勇者)is one of_____ most popular songs in China A. a B. an C. the D. / ( )22. When he asks for something,he always says “please”. So he must be_________ . A. polite B. honest C. humorous D. cheerful )23.---What’s the _________ of your good grades?---Hard work and carefulness, I ( think. 学科 网(北 京)股 份有限 公司
( ( ( ( ( ( A. sense B. secret C. course )24.---Do you know what American people call “holiday”? D. example ---________. A. eraser B. vacation C. elevator D. soccer )25.Yangzhou Fancy city (梦幻之城) is more interesting than________ in Yangzhou. A. any other theme park C. the other theme park B. any other theme parks D. any theme park )26. --- How hard you are working, Ben! ---We must! President Xi said that _______ we are, _______ we will be. A. the more hard-working; the luckierB. the hard-working; the lucky C. more hard-working; luckierD. the most hard-working; the luckiest )27. --- Patient: 500 yuan for pulling a tooth? It's only several minutes' work. --- Doctor: Well, I can do it _________ if you like. A. as quickly as I canB. more slowly C. less carefully D. quietly )28. ---Mom, the apple is ready now. What should I do next? ---_________the apple into small pieces. A. Cut B. Cutting C. To cut D. To cutting )29. It’s __________ to put __________ salt in the soup. A. correct; too much C. incorrect; too much B. correct; much too D. incorrect; much too )30. The light in the bathroom burned out last night and father___ a new one this ( morning. A. put up ( )31. If you have no cream, use milk __________. B. put in C. put out D. put on A. as well B. instead of C. instead ( )32. As parents, we must ask: Are we listening? Are we patient enough? A. yourself B. ourselves C. myself D. too D. himself ( )33. When the bus stopped, he couldn’t wait ________. A. getting off it B. to get off it C. to get it off D. got off it ( )34. --- What’s the woman with a ponytail like? ---She doesn’t talk much, ________. A. she is a nurse C. she is shy and quiet D. she is 20 years old B. she likes music ( )35.---The birthday card is very beautiful.Did you make it all by yourself? ---________. My classmates Wendy helped me a lot with the drawing on the cover. A.Not exactly B.Of course C.You are right D.Are you kidding 三、完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,计 15 分) 阅读下面短文,从文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 “Let’s have a special test today,”said the English teacher with a smile on his face. All the students sat up straight and 36 teacher began to finished handing out the test papers, he asked them to begin. the test papers to the students. 37 for the test to begin. The he 38 The students were very 39 点) in thecentre of the paper. The teacher want you to 40 about what you see there. ” 41 to see that there was not a question but a black dot(圆 the students’ surprise and said,“I 学科 网(北 京)股 份有限 公司
At the end of the class, the teacher took all the students’ answer sheets(答题纸) and read the answers. the teacher said, “Here everyone only paid attention to(注意) the black dot, one wrote about the white paper. ” The whole class listened afraid of failing in the test. of them described the black dot. After reading all the answers, no , because they were 43 44 42 Then the teacher said,“ Don't worry about your for this test. I just want you to think about our life. The white paper is like our whole life and the black dot in the centre of the paper problems in our daily life. 45 46 Our life is a , we just pay attention to the problems like illness and poverty(贫穷), and never see that these problems are very 49 compared(比较) to everything else we have in our life. given to us by God(上帝), with love and care. 48 47 So we should try to take our eyes off our problems and 50 each moment life gives us. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( quietly ( task ( ( ( ( important ( )36. A. searched )37. A. give )38. A. Till )39. A. happy )40. A. noticed )41. A. write )42. A. Some )43. A. because )44. A. quickly )45. A. present )46. A. represents )47. A. problem )48. A. Also )49. A. small )50. A. support B. waited B. sell B. After B. excited B. remembered B. tell C. hear C. paid C. e-mail C. Until C. surprised C. forgot D. looked D. donate D. If D. sad D. hated B. Few B. but C. All C. if D. learn D. Many D. although B. angrily C. happily B. advice C. mark D. D. B. finds B. moment B. Still B. big C. helps C. gift C. Besides C. terrible D. solves D. door D. Then D. B. stop C. report D. enjoy 四、阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,计 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 Where did these numbers come from? A Eleven and Twelve The number “eleven” comes from the German word “ainlif”, which means “one left” in English. Twelve follows the same rule. It comes from “twalif” --- “two left”. Why did people use “teen” instead of “lif” from 13 to 19? We still don’t know. 学科 网(北 京)股 份有限 公司
42.195 Kilometres in a Marathon(马拉松) The story began with an ancient Greek soldier Pheidippides. Once his country won a big war(战争) and he carried the good news from Marathon to Athens. He ran so fast that he died after telling people the news. To remember Pheidippides, people held the first modern marathon in the first Olympic Games in 1896. It was about 40 km from Marathon to Athens. But race organizers for the 1908 Olympic Games in London wanted to add something special. They made it 42.195km. And since 1924 the number 42.195 has been kept in marathon. 28 Days in February Before the calendar(历法) we use today, one of the first Roman calendars had only 304 days and ten months (March through December), with six months of 30 days and four of 31 days. The second king of Rome changed the old calendar. He added 50 days for January and February. To make the new months longer, he took one day from each of the 30-day months, and then made 56 days to divide between January and February (28 days each). Later January was given one more day to add up to 355 days a year. but February still had 28 days. That’s how it became the shortest month and it stayed that way ever since. ( ( )51.Which language do eleven and twelve come from? A.English )52.The marathon became longer at London OlympicGames because A. the British was bad at Maths C. the British wanted to runlonger D. Russian B.German C.French B. the British didn’t like the Greekstory D. the British wanted to make the . racedifferent ( )53.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. We don’t know why the numbers from 13 to 19 didn’t follow the rule of twelve. B. There used to be 304 days a year according to the first Roman calendars. C. The Greek soldier ran from Athens to Marathon to carry the good news. D. After changing the old calendar. February became the shortest month in а year. B Eve was having a party! She invited all her friends for a special competition evening. The best singer would win a prize of a huge box of her delicious home-made cakes. Everyone came along: Helen, Jane, and Peter. Peter looked a bit nervous. “Don’t worry, Peter. We’re only here to have some fun. I’m certainly no pop singer, either!” said Eve kindly. Jane was first up on stage. The minute she began to sing, everyone could tell she had been practicing! Next, it was Helen’s turn. Her voice was not as strong as Jane’s, but she had a great sense of rhythm(节奏感). All the girls took turns singing. There werea few mistakes, but all in all, everyone had a wonderful time. “Come on, Peter. It’s your turn now!” said the girls. But Peter shook his head. “No, thanks. I can’t do it.” he said. “Don’t be afraid. If you like, we can sing together,” said Eve. Finally Peter gave in. He and Eve shared the microphone(麦克风)and they began to sing a rock song. At first, you could hardly hear the voice of the shy boy, but later, he was holding the microphone on his own and singing his heart out! He got everyone to sing along as he danced around the stage like a real rock star. At the end of the song, Eve stepped forward and handed him the big box of home-made cakes. “Peter, we all agree that you’ve won the prize!” she said. “You may not sing 学科 网(北 京)股 份有限 公司
like a singer, but you really know how to put on a show!” Everyone laughed as happy Peter passed the cakes around to all his friends. ( C. Full of mistakes . D. Boring. ( ( ( B. Excellent. )54. Which of the following can best describe the girls’ show? A. Generally good. )55. Why did Eve share the microphone with Peter? A. The girls asked her to do so. B. There were no other microphones. C. She would help Peter get over his nervousness. D. Peter was too nervous to hold the microphone. )56. How did Peter probably feel at the end of his show? A. Shy. )57. Why was Peter given the box of cakes? A. He had the best voice. C. He helped the girls a lot. C. Nervous. B. Happy . D. Worried. B. He loved eating cakes. D. He held the stage very well. C My friend Shakuntali Siberia once said: “Things do not give us true happiness.” I used to wonder, “Is this really so?” But after experiencing a worldwide quarantine(隔 离), I think it’s true. We live in a new, strange world. My new dress hangs in my closet(衣橱) — I have nowhere to wear it. My expensive car is parked — I can’t go anywhere. My gym membership(会 员) card is on my desk — I haven’t used it in a long time. Siberia was right — things do not make me happy. Then how can we find happiness? I asked Siberia this question. She said it’s easy — you just have to smile and be nice to everyone, even strangers. I decided to tryit. I opened WhatsApp and entered a chat group where my neighbors and I discuss our problems. I wrote, “Dear neighbors, I hope you’re having a great day! Everything will be all right.” I added a smiley emoji(表情符号). Within minutes, my phone received lots of messages from my neighbors. People thanked me and wished me a good day. One neighbor shared a fun song, another sent a cute kitten sticker(猫咪贴图), and another sent me a funny meme(表情包). I thought to myself, “I’ve made so many people happy with just a few words. If each of us said one nice thing, there could be so much happiness in the world!” This is why I’m launching(发起) the kind-word marathon(马拉松). Let’s each write something nice every day to a friend, neighbor, volunteer ... anyone! We can support each other during these difficult times. ( )58. What does Paragraph 2 want to show us? A. the writer’s doubts(怀疑) are correct C. things can’t make people happy )59. What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 4 mean? A. giving us true happinessB. being kind to everyone, even those we don’t know C. smiling to people you knowD. chatting with neighbors )60. How did the writer try out her friend’s idea? D. the writer wastes a lot of money B. the world improves a lot A. She visited her neighbors one by one. B. She sent encouraging words and emojis online. C. She helped her neighbors solve problems. D. She created many songs, stickers and memes. ( ( 学科 网(北 京)股 份有限 公司
( )61. From the story, we can infer(推断) that the writer ________. A. was infected(感染) with COVID-19 C.is a person of action(行动) B. is not good at chatting with others D. still doesn’t believe in her friend D The days passed and the river went down. “I think I’ll go to the town and get some news,” I told Jim one morning. “Be careful, Huck.” Jim said, “The people in St. Petersburg know you and they think that you’re dead. Why don’t you put on the dress and pretend to be a girl?” So I did as Jim said. I took the canoe to the town. Very soon I met a woman and she told me that someone would catch a runaway. This wasn’t good news for Jim. I hurried back to the cave to tell him. We set off down the river for the town of Cairo. In order to protect Jim, we preferred to travel at night rather than travel in the day. What’s more, we covered the raft with leaves and branches during the day. We never got to Cairo. So we continued drifting down the river because the raft couldn’t sail back up the river against the current. We had a few adventures on the way but nobody caught us. Our life on the raft was very pleasant and I was enjoying myself. During the day we made a camp under the trees and slept. As soon as it got dark, we set off again. After dinner we swam in the moonlight or lay on our backs, looking at the stars. Then one morning something happened and our lives changed. I was paddling up a side river to look for berries for breakfast when two men suddenly ran out of the woods. “Help! Some men want to kill us!” they shouted. I felt sorry for them. I told them to get onto the raft and we paddled back to the camp. They were both wearing dirty old clothes but they called themselves a Duke and the King. I didn’t believe them. I knew immediately that they were frauds(骗子)but I didn’t say anything. ---Taken from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ( ( ( ( )62. Why did Huck and Jim travel at night? A. Because they thought it was safer for them. B. Because they liked the view of the night. C. Because they hoped to have a few adventures on the way. D. Because they thought there weren’t any policemen at night. )63. The underlined word “pretend” in Paragraph3 probably means. A. 希望 )64. How did they like their life on the raft drifting down the river? A. hard )65. From the passage, how did Huck know that the two men were frauds? A. By listening to their shout. C. By knowing from their ages. B. enjoyable B. 拒绝 C. terrible D. common C. 假装 D. 同意 B. By looking at the way they eat. D. By knowing from their clothes. 五、词汇运用 (共 10 小题; 每小题 1 分,计 10 分) 根据句意,用括号中所给汉语提示或单词的适当形式填空,使句意完整,每空一词。 第 II 卷非选择题 (60 分) 学科 网(北 京)股 份有限 公司
66. Many people say life is like a_____▲_____. But I think life is a trip for us to enjoy.(竞赛) 67. “If faith(信念)has a color, it must be Chinese red.”Meng Wanzhou said,and she kept the faith going _____▲____ the difficult days.(自始至终) 68. ---Mum,Can I go to play for a while ? ---Why not? Your homework is almost_____▲____.(完成) 69. Lucy with her parents _____▲___ an important meeting every weekend. (出席) 70. Today, I consider myself the_____▲____ man on the face of the Earth. (幸运的) 71. When you catch a cold, your body_____▲____ will work hard to fight the cold. (it) 72. ---Does school end early on Friday? ---Yes. School ends much_____▲____ on Friday, so the resident students(住校生) can go home. (early) 73. ---How much homework do you hope to have every day? ---Most of us think if we have____▲___ than an hour ofhomework, it will be nice.(little) 74. Nora_____▲____ some dry flowers onto the gift box and gave it to her friend.(stick) 75. With a _____▲____ look, she said nothing and walked away. (help) 六、阅读表达(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,计 10 分) A Special Gift Liu Genghong must be one of the most popular influencers(网红) these days. He leads millions of people to do sports at home every day. And he always uses Jay Chou’s songs in his live studio. He and Jay are close friends. And these are their stories. When Jay was eighteen years old, he met Liu, a singer at that time. Jay had a hard time then, it was Liu who gave him food, clothes. And Liu also tried his best to help Jay on his business. One day, Jay was asked to perform in public(公众的). However, no one could understand him. Liu encouraged him and said “You did a good job, but if you can sing louder, it will be much better.” Then Liu asked for the second chance of singing for Jay. After Jay sang the second time, he got the chance to film recordings(发唱片)and became an overnight celebrity(一夜成名). Jay wanted to share his success with Liu, so he invited him to join his songs and movies. What is Jay’s special gift? It’s the help from Liu Genghong. Before Jay Chou became a superstar, Liu Genghong has been helping him. Since Jay Chou became a superstar, their relationship has not been estranged(疏远的), but has become closer and closer. Their stories let us see what a true friend is. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 76.Who leads millions of people to do sports at home every day? 77.Where was Jay asked to perform one day? 78.When did Jay get the chance to film recordings and become an overnight celebrity? 79.What is Jay’s special gift? 80.What is a true friend according to the passage? 学科 网(北 京)股 份有限 公司